Home labs: Gambling between a Christmas Card from the Power Company, or a surprise DEA Bust Fri, 19 Oct 2018 7:00pm (45m) Friday Speaker Talks, Stones River

Without a home lab, the legendary garages where the technological giants of yesteryear were born would have been merely 4-wall shells for errant storage.

What defines a home lab? Do you need oscilloscopes and power supplies, racks and servers, or do you already have the latent capabilities on your very own laptop? How many Raspberry Pis and Amazon Echos do you need to qualify?

How far can I push the limits of my home lab?
Should I be humble, or extravagant?
Where do you get this stuff?
How much does it cost?
What is a WAF?

All these questions and more to be revealed live with 3 different migratory home labs, hands-on activities, free swag, and a drinking game!

Ken Moini (Lead Solution Architect at Fierce Software) Nashville, TN

Grew up young hacking 386, modded Xbox was sick
Ran game on game dev, busted out as a web dev
Went on some white-hat cracking for prevention and security
Finding backdoors, people hacking, none of this is new to me
Spent some time on my grind slinging big steaks and wine
Now on the day to day, you can find me online
Working for Fierce Software as the Lead SA
Rolling Open-Source, that's our bet, it's that play

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