Geek Ladies' Tea Party Sat, 20 Oct 2018 4:00pm (45m) Oakland Room, Oakland

Dust off or start building your fabulous hats. The Geek Ladies Tea Party is back for another year. Last year we brought finger sandwiches, tea cookies and other similar fare. We shared the craft things we were geeking out about. This year we are expanding the topic to include any hacking/ cracking, social engineering, or other exciting concepts you would like to share with your sister geeks.

We also have a volunteer opportunity for the tea. Last year we relied on the hotel to provide hot water, which they were kind enough to provide in heated coffee urns. Many of us got to enjoy some coffee grounds with our tea. If you have an electric tea pot, keurig, tea service or linens for the table that would help us do this up right please send us a little note through the volunteers link on the side. I will bring my tea pot to serve tea. We just need a reliable way to heat the water.

So what should you pack for the GLTP? Bring: a hat, a snack in the tea theme, an idea or project to share, and items to help us pull off a lovely afternoon tea. I cannot wait to see you all again.

Amy Flatt (Teacher for the Gifted at Metro Nashville Public Schools) East Nasty, TN

Amy loves Physics, Math, Tech, Crafts and TEA! - Lots and lots of tea, sporadically interrupted for coffee.

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