Waiting for the FBI - Update on FOIA Inquiry for Time Bomber Book Sat, 20 Oct 2018 1:00pm (45m) Saturday Speaker Talks, Stones River - Talk

(Rough concept for now) Mostly an update on getting a large FOIA dump from the FBI. Other odds, ends, and doodads about book research that can be applicable to either non-fiction or fiction. How to seek support from a community for your project, if needed. Possibly how to design your own book cover in GIMP and Inkscape too, if time permits.

Steve Esposito (Sole Proprietor at Self Publisher) Knoxville, Tennessee

Steve is currently an Environmental Specialist with the Department of Air Quality Management, Knox County, Tennessee. He is not speaking on behalf of, or even with the knowledge of his employer.

Former Army Aviation Officer, Major, and former resource manager on US Defense issues.

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