Intro to Field Programmable Gate Arrays Sat, 20 Oct 2018 10:00am (45m) Saturday Speaker Talks, Stones River - Talk

An FPGA is one step more general than a CPU, it's a reconfigurable grid of configurable boolean gates and routing logic, and you can reload the configuration anytime you want.
While previously expensive and only usable with expensive closed source tools, FPGAs are now affordable and have open source toolchains.
Programming an FPGA is a bit like programming and a bit like circuit design, find out how in this presentation!
I'll be demonstrating the open source yosys toolchain used with an ice40 series FPGA.

Shae Erisson (Senior Software Developer at Scanned In Avians) Atlanta, GA

Started programming in 1982, started getting paid for that in 1996, started soldering in 2006, knitting in 2010.

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